Crazy Whiskers

Animal themed gifts by Crazy Whiskers!

Specializing in animal related items available at ETSY. Here's a list of items for sale now.

  1. Antique Illustrated Book, The Dog, By William Youatt, 1879; Photo
  2. Lion Earrings Gold Tone; Photo
  3. Cute Horse or Pony Looking Back, Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  4. Cute Bulldog Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  5. Cute Kitty Cat Resting and Looking Down Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  6. Cute Feline Kitty Cat and Fish Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  7. Cute Dog Resting A Paw on a Ball Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  8. Cute Puppy Dog on Moms Back Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  9. Cute Fat Dog Looking Down Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  10. Cute Frog on a Lily Pad Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  11. Cute Panda Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  12. Cute Ram Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  13. Cute Rhinoceros Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  14. Cute Sea Lion Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  15. Cute Cats Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  16. Vintage Hound Dog Pipe Holder; Photo
  17. Vintage Classy Smoking Pipe With Floral Design, made by Soren Refberg, hand carved in Denmark; Photo
  18. Vintage DI Diamonds International Gold Tone Alaska Charm Bracelet, Juneau Bear, Skagway Totem; Photo
  19. Vintage Cute Pig Telephone - Free Shipping; Photo
  20. Vintage Labrador Retriever Dog Beaded Glass Portrait Mounted on Wood by Earl Sherwan, 1973; Photo
  21. Cute Vintage Ceramic Pig Looking Back Wall Plaque; Photo
  22. Painting by Peace of Owls on Glass, with a Wood Frame; Photo
  23. Vintage 1970s Rotary Deco Tel Hunting Hound Dog Retrieving Fowl Bird Telephone, Shipping Included In Price to Anywhere in the USA; Photo
  24. Rearing Horse, Mustang, Mare, Pony Ojime Bead, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  25. Cute Kitten Kitty Cat Resting Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  26. Cute Puppy Dog Resting Its Front Paws on Rocks Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  27. Cute Monkey on a Barrel Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  28. Cute Bats Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  29. Cute Seal or Sea Lion Playing With a Ball Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  30. Cute Dog and Ball Ojime Bead Pendant, Hand Carved Boxwood, Signed by Carver; Photo
  31. Vintage Avon Owl Charm and Bracelet - Free Shipping; Photo
  32. Vintage Favorette Oakville Company Brass Monkey, Cat, and Dog Animal Place Card and Cigarette Holders, Free Shipping; Photo
  33. Adorable Vintage Painted Metal Sexton Praying Cat, Dog, Girl and Boy Wall Plaques - Set of 2 - Free Shipping; Photo
  34. Vintage Brooch Pin of a Begging Dog with Green Eyes; Photo
  35. Adorable Miniature Hagen Renaker Mama and Papa Pigs with Piglets Family, total of 7 figurines; Photo
  36. Vintage Torino Pewter Pig Earrings, Brooch, Necklace and trinket box; Photo
  37. Vintage Pewter JJ Climbing Mischievous Cat Brooch Pin; Photo
  38. Four Miniature Hagen Renaker Porcelain Piglet Figurines; Photo
  39. Cute White Terrier Dog With Black Collar Stud Earrings; Photo
  40. Girl and Rainbow Kittens, I asked God to Paint you a Rainbow... I hope you Saw it, by Jody Bergsma Art 1984 Limited Edition 2213 of 7500; Photo
  41. Vintage Illustrated Book, Animal Life and Lore by Osmond P. Breland, copyright 1963; Photo
  42. Vintage Brass Swan Planter Cachepot; Photo
  43. Vintage Silver Plated Butterfly Earring Tree Holder Jewelry Stand; Photo
  44. Vintage Tile and Wood Trivet of a Mother Fox and Babies in the Spring Time; Photo
  45. Vintage 1970's Fancy Goldfish Miller Studios Chalkware Wall Hangings; Photo
  46. Vintage Westart Inlays Anthony of California Roadrunner Tray; Photo
  47. Vintage Pewter Leopard or Cheetah Big Cat Brooch by JJ 1986; Photo
  48. Vinage Mexican Feathercraft framed Bird Art; Photo
  49. Vintage Cute Clear Plastic Lucite Mice Wearing Bows Salt and Pepper Shakers; Photo
  50. Framed Northern Pintail Duck Pair Art; Photo
  51. Iridescent Cream Glazed Ceramic Swan Candle Holders With Gold Elegant Necks, Made by Ceci, Holds Mini/Thin Taper Candles; Photo
  52. Stunning Vintage Pewter Tone Standing Male Lion Brooch Pin by JJ; Photo
  53. Vintage Gold Tone Bunny Rabbit with One Floppy Ear Brooch Pin; Photo
  54. Vintage Cute Ceramic Male Lion Figurine High Gloss Finish; Photo
  55. Vintage Goose False Copper Plated Wall Hanging Mold; Photo
  56. Faux Gold Painted Metal Swan Wedding Napkin Holders; Photo
  57. Vintage Gold Tone Rearing Unicorn Pendant - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  58. Vintage Basenji Dog With a Curly Tail Brooch Pin, Signed Copyright STERLING; Photo
  59. Vintage Gerry's Poodle Dog Brooch Pin - Black Tufts; Photo
  60. Vintage Gerry's Poodle Dog Brooch Pin - Orange Tufts; Photo
  61. Vintage Stretch Bracelet of Colorful Elephants and Green Beads; Photo
  62. Adorable Vintage AJC Silver Tone Cat Sleeping on a Fireplace Mantle Brooch Pin, With Amber Gem Fire; Photo
  63. Vintage Silver Tone JJ Equestrian Horse Jumping Girl Brooch Pin; Photo
  64. Vintage Gold Tone Di Nautilus Shell Charm, New, Never Opened and Still in Packaging - Shipping included in price; Photo
  65. Vintage Gold Tone Flying Geese or Ducks And Sunset Brooch Pin; Photo
  66. Vintage Metallic Pink or Purple Cute Male Lion Bank; Photo
  67. Vintage Silver Plate Rocking Horse Coin Bank With Flowers, Actually Rocks; Photo
  68. Vintage Rusty Metal Winged Angel Cat Figurine - Shipping included in price; Photo
  69. Vintage Painted Metal Dog Musican Figurines, Skye Terrier Playing Guitar, Another Dog Playing Violin; Photo
  70. Vintage Gold Toned Begging Dog Brooch Pin With Purple Amethyst Gem Eyes; Photo
  71. Vintage Torino Pewter Goose Earrings and Brooch; Photo
  72. Vintage Poodle Pin With Texture and Black Muzzle and Waist; Photo
  73. Vintage Engraved Silver Tone Poodle Pin; Photo
  74. Vintage Silver Toned Poodle Brooch Pin with a Red Eye and Rhinestones; Photo
  75. Vintage Gold Toned Dog Wearing Glasses Brooch Pin, With Moving Spectacles and Red Eyes; Photo
  76. Gold Toned Hammered Textured Howling Coyote Brooch; Photo
  77. Vintage Oval Collie Portrait Brooch; Photo
  78. Fancy Textured Gold Toned Vintage Circus Elephant Brooch Pin; Photo
  79. Vintage Silver Tone Horse Head Cuff Links; Photo
  80. Vintage gold toned and pink textured snail brooch pin; Photo
  81. Vintage Gem Lizard Brooch; Photo
  82. Cute 3d Bear Face Pin; Photo
  83. Adorable Matted Framed Art Print of Babies, Children, Toys and a Kitten, Babies... What a Wonderful Way to Start People, by Jody Bergsma; Photo
  84. Vintage Danecraft Tabby Cat Brooch Pin With Cut Outs; Photo
  85. Vintage Ceramic Pig Figurines - Set of 5; Photo
  86. Vintage Tiger Pendant, Silver Tone, with Rhinestones and Black Enamel Stripes; Photo
  87. Vintage Pewter Metzke Tin with a Frog and Lily Pads on the Lid; Photo
  88. Vintage Signed Gold Tone and Ruby Hobe Rodrunner Pin Brooch; Photo
  89. Vintage Adorable Ceramic Girl Holding And Adoring a Puppy Figurine; Photo
  90. Vintage Framed Metallic Owl Art by RJ Smith, 1977; Photo
  91. Vintage Lobster Copper Plated Tin Lined Wall Hanging Mold, Two Available, Sold Individually; Photo
  92. Vintage Copper Cast Iron Kitchen Trivet Partridge in a Pear Tree Wall Hanging; Photo
  93. Adorable Take me Out to the Ball Game Baseball Boy and Puppy Dog Music Box; Photo
  94. Cream Glazed Ceramic Swan Candle Holder With Gold Accents and a Crown, Made by Ceci, Holds 1 Taper Candle - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  95. Vintage Transparent Pink Glass Swirl Potpourri Jar with a Pewter Hummingbird and Trumpet Vine Lid by WTU; Photo
  96. Vintage Marvella Gold Tone Fish Brooch Pin with Pearl Bubbles; Photo
  97. Vintage Gold Tone Ladybug Stick Brooch Pin; Photo
  98. Vintage Elephant Picture Frame; Photo
  99. Vintage Framed Print "The Old Farm House" reprint from the original by Currier & Ives; Photo
  100. Vintage Zodiac Astrology Goat Capricorn Cuff Links by Swank INC; Photo
  101. Silver Tone Metal Yogi Bear Huckleberry Hound Sweater Guards Brooch Pin; Photo
  102. Vintage Chokin Box of Flying Herons or Cranes Against a Snow Capped Mountain, 25 KT Gold Accents - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  103. Vintage Gold Tone Egyptian Bastet Cat Sitting Brooch Pin; Photo
  104. Vintage Gold Tone Avon Koala and Baby Joey Stick Brooch Pin - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  105. Gold Toned Long Tail Duck or Goose Flying Brooch Pin; Photo
  106. Vintage Gold Tone Avon Parrot Perched in a Ring Brooch Pin; Photo
  107. Vintage Gold Tone and Burnt Orange Bird Brooch Pin with a Rhinestone Eye; Photo
  108. Vintage Beatrix Potter Jemima Puddle-Duck Music Figurine by Schmid, Plays "We've Only Just Begun"; Photo
  109. Vintage Large Mallard Drake Duck Beer Mug or Vase; Photo
  110. Adorable Vintage White Cats Figurine; Photo
  111. Vintage Plaque of 3 Beautiful Birds with Sugared Glass Coating, European Goldfinch, Wood Thrush, and Red Cardinal, art by PH Gonner; Photo
  112. Vintage Porcelain Boy Riding a Unicorn Figurine with High Gloss Finish - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  113. Vintage Silver Tone Wiggly Owl Necklace - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  114. Vintage Textured Silver Tone Goat Brooch Pin With a Pearlescent Body and Gem Eyes; Photo
  115. Vintage Gold Toned Pearly Poodle With Red Ruby Eye Brooch Pin; Photo
  116. Vintage Gold Toned and Yellow Poodle Pendant With Emerald Green Gem Eye; Photo
  117. Vintage Gold Toned Avon Kangaroo and Moving Baby Joey With Ruby Red Gem Eyes Brooch Pin; Photo
  118. Vintage Gold and Pink Elephant Brooch Pin; Photo
  119. Happy Flying Angel Dog Brooch; Photo
  120. Vintage Winged Angel Dog Brooch Pin; Photo
  121. Vintage Worn Enamel Puppy Dog Brooch Pin; Photo
  122. Vintage Yorkie Terrier Dog Brooch With Wood Appearance; Photo
  123. Articulated Don Lin Noah's Ark Vintage Brooch Pin, Gold Tone With Colored Enamel Dove, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Hippo and Zebra; Photo
  124. Vintage Silver Tone Engraved Howling and Sitting Coyote Brooch Pin, Signed 741; Photo
  125. Vintage Oval Jack Russell Terrier Dog Portrait Brooch Pin; Photo
  126. Vintage Textured Adorable Elephant Brooch Pin in Silver and Gold Tones; Photo
  127. Vintage Gold Toned Elephant Pin; Photo
  128. Vintage Gold Tone Elephant Brooch Pin, In Nearly New Condition; Photo
  129. Vintage Fancy Silver Toned Elephant Brooch; Photo
  130. Vintage Bucking Bronco Rodeo Horse Brooch in Silver Tone; Photo
  131. Friendship... It's worth just Can't be Measured Mouse and Frog Matted and Framed Limited Edition Lithograph by Jody Bergsma; Photo
  132. Huge Colorful Bird Brooch Pin; Photo
  133. Gold Tone Grazing Zebra Brooch Pin; Photo
  134. Cute Gold Tone Zebra Brooch Pin; Photo
  135. Shiny Gold Tone Running Zebra Brooch Pin; Photo
  136. Adorable Vintage Gold Toned Mamma Bird and Pearl Eggs in a Nest Brooch Pin; Photo
  137. Vintage Framed Perched Owls Painting on Canvas, painted by Peace, with 1981 on the frame - Price includes Shipping; Photo
  138. Painted Squirrel Brooch Pin in Orange, With Black on the Tail and Green Leaves on the Branch; Photo
  139. Vintage Walking Tiger Brooch Pin, Textured Paint, Gold Tone Tipped Paws; Photo
  140. Cute Vintage Gold Tone Sitting Male Lion Brooch Pin; Photo
  141. Vintage Gold Tone Tiny Sitting Cat Brooch Pin; Photo
  142. Vintage Gold Tone Frog Brooch Pin with White Stones and Green Stone Eyes; Photo
  143. Cute Green and Gold Tone Frog Brooch Pin; Photo
  144. Vintage Gold Toned Sea Turtle Brooch Pin With Texture and Stones; Photo
  145. Vintage Gold Tone and Sparkly Green Turtle Tortoise Brooch Pin; Photo
  146. Vintage Gold Tone Turtle Brooch Pin With Texture, Pearly Sections on Shell and Painted Green Eyes; Photo
  147. Beautiful Textured Gold Toned Fish Brooch Pin With Red Eye and Sparkly Stones; Photo
  148. Vintage JJ Textured Gold Toned Butterfly Brooch Pin; Photo
  149. Vintage Ornate Silver Tone Butterfly Brooch Pin; Photo
  150. Vintage Beautiful Fancy Silver Tone and Blue Stone Rooster Brooch Pin - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  151. Vintage Opalescent and Gold Toned Owl Necklace - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  152. Vintage Colored Enamel Flamingo and Green Rinestone Brooch Pin; Photo
  153. Large Plastic Painted Pheasant Brooch Pin; Photo
  154. Vintage Silver Toned Whistle Encased in Gold Tone Design With Stones and Necklace Chain; Photo
  155. Vintage Gold Toned Giraffe Brooch Pin; Photo
  156. Vintage Shiny Gold Toned Egret, Crane or Heron Bird Brooch Pin; Photo
  157. Vintage Gold Toned Textured 3d Flying Bird Brooch Pin; Photo
  158. Vintage Gold Toned Hummingbird Brooch Pin With Sparkly Texture and Green Wings; Photo
  159. Large Vintage Textured Gold Toned Starfish Brooch Pin; Photo
  160. Vintage Gold Tone Textured Crab Brooch Pin With Shell Body; Photo
  161. Vintage Flying Dove or Seagull Pair Brooch Pin; Photo
  162. Vintage Articulating Cow and Moon Brooch Pin by JJ in Silver Tone; Photo
  163. Flying Bald Eagle Pendant and Necklace Chain; Photo
  164. Vintage Stalking Leopard or Cheetah Brooch Pin; Photo
  165. Vintage Walking or Stalking Gold Tone and Orange Leopard or Cheetah Big Cat Brooch Pin; Photo
  166. Vintage Two Toned Shiny Gold and Silver Sitting Cats Brooch Pin; Photo
  167. Silver Tone Walking Tiger Brooch Pin; Photo
  168. Vintage Gold Toned Sitting Cat Brooch Pin with Gradient Purple Body; Photo
  169. Vintage Silver Tone Turtle Brooch Pin with Red Eyes and White Sparkly Stones as the Shell; Photo
  170. Vintage Silver Tone Turtle Brooch Pin With Blue Gem Stone Shell; Photo
  171. Vintage Textured Gold Toned Pisces Zodiac Double Fish Brooch Pin; Photo
  172. Vintage Gold Tone Butterfly Stick Pin - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  173. Vintage Gold Toned Brooch Pin of Two Perched Owls in a Circle; Photo
  174. Vintage Ivory Toned, Red Stone and Gold Tone Perched Owl Brooch Pin; Photo
  175. Vintage Gold Toned and Green Textured Swan Pair Pin With Red eyes; Photo
  176. Tiny Vintage Silver Tone and Opalescent Bird Brooch Pin; Photo
  177. Vintage Two Jumping Dolphins Brooch Pin; Photo
  178. Vintage Silver Lamb Brooch Pin; Photo
  179. Vintage Gold Toned Roadrunner Brooch Pin; Photo
  180. Vintage Running Roadrunner Brooch Pin With Green Eye; Photo
  181. Boy and Dog Reading Austin Sculpture, signed Bright Eyes by Dee Crowley, 1987; Photo
  182. Clear Glass Etched Bald Eagle Sculpture; Photo
  183. Wooden and Horse Sculpture Vase - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  184. Fellowship Foundry FF Pewter O'Hare Box or Ink Well of a Man Walking a Dog, Pond and Beautiful Tree - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  185. Beautiful Decorative Tray of Mute Swans on a Pond, With Lily Flowers - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  186. Cute Tiny Silver Toned Bird in Nest Figurine - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  187. Vintage Turtle Cache Pot - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  188. White Porcelain Duck or Goose Head Bust Plaque, Towel, Robe, Apron, Jewelry, Etc Holder - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  189. Pewter Figurine of a St Bernard Dog With Barrels, by Honeywell - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  190. Beautiful White Porcelain Angel Playing Violin Musical Figurine, Plays O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas Song - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  191. Gold Tone Runing Horse Cufflinks - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  192. Silver Toned Oval Shaped Horse Head Cuff Links - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  193. Adorable Ceramic Bear Cub Figurines - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  194. Adorable Baby Owl and Frog Figurine - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  195. Vintage Gold Tone Bouncing Tigger Earrings by Disney; Photo
  196. Vintage Bangle Bracelet of Gold Tone Elephants on Silver Rectangles; Photo
  197. Vintage Small Ashley Princess Watch With Blue Bands and Rhinestones; Photo
  198. Silver Tone Hello Kitty Charm Link Expansion Bracelet; Photo
  199. Vintage Avon Quartz Watch of a Beautiful Swan With a Blank Band; Photo
  200. Colored Enamel and Rhinestone Flying or Landing Owl Pendant; Photo
  201. Large Rhinestone, Gold Tone and Enamel Slithering Snake Serpent Pendant; Photo
  202. Cute Frog Prince Fairy Tale Themed Pendant; Photo
  203. Blue or Green Frog Pendant; Photo
  204. Cute Silver Tone Rhodium Plated Rhinestone Frog Charm Pendant; Photo
  205. Sitting Kitty Cat Pendant With a Curly Tail, Black Rhinestone Eyes, and Colorful Rainbow Rhinestones; Photo
  206. Frog With Rhinestones on a Heart Shaped Lily Pad, in Vintage Gold Tone Alloy; Photo
  207. Cute Tiny Silver Tone Rhinestone Frog Pendant; Photo
  208. Awesome HUGE Jumping Marlin Swordfish Pendant With Moving Tail Fin and Rhinestones; Photo
  209. Large Octopus Pendant With Rhinestones in Alloy in Vintage Brass Tone; Photo
  210. Silver Tone Standing Wolf Pendant; Photo
  211. Enamel and Rhinestone Cobra Snake Pendant; Photo
  212. Gold Toned Rhinestone Poodle Pendant; Photo
  213. Pink Rhinestone and Silver Tone Poodle Pendant; Photo
  214. Flying Owl Pendant Charm in Antique Patina Bronze Alloy Finish; Photo
  215. Flying Owl Pendant in Antique Bronze Alloy Finish; Photo
  216. Beautiful Silvertone and Turquoise Perched Owl Pendant; Photo
  217. Perched Silver Tone Owl With Rhinestones Pendant; Photo
  218. Perched Owl Pendant With Black Stones on Silver Tone; Photo
  219. Wiggly Articulated Owl Pendant in Antique Patina bronze Finish; Photo
  220. Adorable Owl Figurine Like Pendant With Rhinestones; Photo
  221. Flying Owl Pendant in Silver Tone; Photo
  222. Beautiful Rhinestone Owl Pendant; Photo
  223. Beautiful Glass Snake Pendant in Gold and Green Snake Pendant; Photo
  224. Large Coiled Snake Pendant With A Red Rhinestone in Bronze Tone; Photo
  225. Beautiful Gold Tone Frog Brooch Pin With Blue Stones and Rinestones; Photo
  226. Beautiful Articulated Turtle Tortoise Brooch Pin AND Pendant With Aurora Borealis Rhinestones; Photo
  227. Beautiful Big Turtle Pendant With an Encased Gem and Rhinestones; Photo
  228. Beautiful Turtle and Swirl Charm Pendant; Photo
  229. Cute Tiny Rhinestone Turtle Pendant; Photo
  230. Rhinestone Silver Tone Snake Pendant, Perfect Gift for a Snake Lover; Photo
  231. Beautiful Articulated Turtle Tortoise Pendant With Colorful Aurora Borealis Rhinestones; Photo
  232. Turquoise Gem Turtle Pendant With Rhinestones on Silver Tone; Photo
  233. Beautiful Turtle Tortoise Pendant With Turquoise Gem Shell on Silver Tone; Photo
  234. Beautiful Titanium Hematite Scottie Scottish Terrier Dog Pendant; Photo
  235. Stunning Crocodile Brooch Pin With Rhinestones on Vintage Gold Tone; Photo
  236. Abalone and Rhinestone Silver Tone Gecko Lizard Pendant; Photo
  237. Red, Gold and Rhinestone Gecko Lizard Pendant; Photo
  238. Pink Rhinestone and Gold Tone Crocodile or Alligator Pendant; Photo
  239. Beautiful Vintage Gold Tone St Marin Quartz Wrist Watch, Small; Photo
  240. White Rhinestone and Gold Tone Gecko Lizard Pendant; Photo
  241. Cute Silver Tone Gecko Lizard Pendant With White Rhinestones; Photo
  242. Cute Curled Up Rhinestone Alligator Crocodile Pendant; Photo
  243. Crocodile or Alligator Pendant With Colorful Rhinestones on Silver Tone; Photo
  244. Neon Hot Pink and White Owl Pendant; Photo
  245. Rhinestone, White and Silver Owl Pendant; Photo
  246. Elephant Head Pendant With Pearly Dots and Enamel Heart On Rose Gold Tone; Photo
  247. Rhinestone Monkey Pendant; Photo
  248. Beautiful Vintage Rhinesonte Dragon Brooch Pin on Bronze Tone; Photo
  249. Unisex Stainless Steel Tribal Dragon Pendant; Photo
  250. Awesome Flying Dragon Pendant; Photo
  251. Cute Silver or Gold Tone Apatosaurus Brontosaurus Dinosaur Pendant; Photo
  252. Cute Gold Tone and Rhinestone Apatosaurus Brontosaurus Dinosaur Pendant; Photo
  253. Beautiful Walking Male Lion Necklace Pendant in Gold Tone, With Rhinestones; Photo
  254. Beautiful Chokin Engraved Vase With a Peacock Pair on a Branch with Blossoms; Photo
  255. Beautiful Rhinestone and Gold Tone Male Lion Pendant; Photo
  256. Tibetan Silver Sitting Pair of Cheetahs Pendant; Photo
  257. Kitty Cat Pendant With Rhinestones and a cute Collar; Photo
  258. Adorable Tiny Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  259. Sitting Kitty Cat With Rhinestones and a Fish Bone Pendant; Photo
  260. Large Rhinestone and Gold Tone Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  261. Tibetan Silver Kitty Cat Playing With a Ball of Yarn Pendant Charm; Photo
  262. Cute Articulated Rhinestone and Gem Happy Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  263. Silver Tone and Rhinestone Woman Cuddling or Kissing Her Kitty Cat in a Heart Pendant; Photo
  264. Silver Tone Pendant of a Stretching Cat in a Rhinestone Heart; Photo
  265. Black and White Cat Yin and Yang Pendant; Photo
  266. Silver Tone and Rhinestone Cat Heart Pendant; Photo
  267. Sitting Vintage Gold Toned Kitty Cat Pendant Charm; Photo
  268. Rhinestone and Silver Tone Dog Paw Print Pendant; Photo
  269. Mamma and Kitten Cat Pendant With Enamel and Rhinestones on Silver Tone; Photo
  270. Beautiful Pendant of an Elephant Head With a Blue Stone and Cut Outs in Silver Tone Metal; Photo
  271. Wood Carved Elephant Pendant; Photo
  272. White Elephant and Pastel Pink Cat Eye Stone Pendant, Or With Colorful Cat Eye Stones; Photo
  273. 18K White Gold Zircon Rhinestone Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  274. Tibetan silver Snake, Dragon or Sea Monster and Sword Pendant; Photo
  275. Colorful Titanium Hematite Elephant Raising its Trunk Pendant; Photo
  276. Cute Running or Flying Rhinestone and Gold Tone Elephant Pendant; Photo
  277. Silver Tone Rhinestone Elephant Head and White Stone Pendant; Photo
  278. Synthetic Cat Eye, Rose Gold and Rhinestone Elephant Head Pendant; Photo
  279. Large Angry Lion and Red Faceted Stone Pendant in Vintage Gold Tone; Photo
  280. Awesome Sculpture of A Horned Dinosaur or Indian Rhinoceros and Baby; Photo
  281. Beautiful 925 Silver Plated Starfish Pendant; Photo
  282. Silver Tone Rhinestone Dolphin Pendant; Photo
  283. Silver Toned Jumping Dolphin Couple Heart With Rhinestones Pendant; Photo
  284. Silver Tone Jumping Dolphin Pendant; Photo
  285. Stunning Rhinestone and Gold Tone Stingray Pendant; Photo
  286. Beautiful Black, Red or Green Enamel and Gold Tone Seahorse Pendant; Photo
  287. Stunning Large Beige/Pastel Pink Rhinestone and Gold Tone Fish Pendant With Articulated Tail; Photo
  288. Beautiful Fancy Goldfish Rhinestone and Enamel Pendant; Photo
  289. Koi Carp Fish and Rhinestone Pendant With Circle of Gems; Photo
  290. Large Fancy Pendant of a Swimming Koi Carp Fish with Rhinestones on Gold Tone; Photo
  291. Beautiful Brooch Pin of a Jumping Green Fish With Rhinestones; Photo
  292. Tiny Wiggly Fancy Goldfish in Silver Tone Pendant With Red Rhinestone Eyes; Photo
  293. Beautiful and Elegant Black Rhinestone and Metal Tarantula Spider Pendant; Photo
  294. Ancient Egyptian Styled Scarab Beetle Pendant With Rhinestones and Hieroglyphs in Antique Bronze Metal Finish; Photo
  295. Silver Toned Metal Dog Picture Frame; Photo
  296. Unisex Black Stainless Steel Textured Slithering Snake Pendant; Photo
  297. Wiggly Articulated Buck Deer Stag Pendant With Big Antlers in Gold Tone; Photo
  298. Vintage Pink and White Rectangle Zebra Print Earrings; Photo
  299. Beautiful Lampwork Glass Fox Pendant; Photo
  300. Owl Magnifying Glass Pendant In Vintage Gold Tone; Photo
  301. Beautiful Black Stone and Rhinestone Turtle Pendant On Silver Tone; Photo
  302. Adorable Vintage Gold Tone Avon Mouse Brooch Pin With Articulated Glasses that Move Up and Down; Photo
  303. Large Fox Face and Tail Pendant In Vintage Gold Tone, With Rhinestones; Photo
  304. Large Pink Fox Face and Tail Pendant With Crystal Rhinestones On Told Tone; Photo
  305. Cute Articulated Red and White Crystal Rhinestone Happy Fox Pendant; Photo
  306. Rhinestone and Textured Metal Fox Pendant With Wiggly Tail; Photo
  307. Cute Sterling Silver Fox and Crystal Rhinestone Pendant; Photo
  308. Vintage Hollow Brass Duck or Goose Figurine or Paperweight; Photo
  309. Shiny Rose Gold and Silver Tone Steampunk Turtle Pendant; Photo
  310. Pair of Silver Tone Wiggly Goldfish Earrings With Red Rhinestone Eyes and Hypo Allergenic Stainless Steel Hooks; Photo
  311. Vintage Silver Toned Running Roadrunner Brooch Pin With a Blue Eye; Photo
  312. Vintage Clear Glass Bowl With Kissing Birds on the Lid - Shipping Included in the Price; Photo
  313. Ceramic Figurine of a Roller Skating Pig Falling, by QQ; Photo
  314. Cute Mamma Dog And Puppies in a Basket Figurine - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  315. Vintage Standing White and Black Cocker Spaniel Dog Porcelain Figurine - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  316. Cute Dalmatian Puppy Dog Figurine - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  317. Vintage Hollow Gold Toned Metal Owl on Books Figurine; Photo
  318. Vintage Oak And Acorn Gold Toned Picture Frame - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  319. Windscense Wolf Incense Stick, Digital Artist Tablet Pen Holder Figurine - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  320. Hollow Brass Owl Family Figurines - Set of 3 - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  321. Beautiful Hollow Brass Cuddling Owl Pair Couple Figurine Statue, or Book End - price includes shipping; Photo
  322. Elegant White Fawn Deer Figurine With Flowers; Photo
  323. Beautiful White Ceramic Shepherd Angel Boy And Lambs Musical Figurine - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  324. Adorable Kitty Cat Figurine With Cocked Head and Unique Sandy Colored Glaze - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  325. Beautiful Ceramic Mother and Baby Owl Figurine - Price Includes Shipping; Photo
  326. Vintage Hand Carved Wood Owl Figurine or Statue - Shipping Included in Price; Photo
  327. Pink Turquoise And Pyrite Pendant, Fan Shaped, With Bail and Chain of Your Choice; Photo
  328. Cute Hand Made Bird House Earrings; Photo
  329. Vintage Gold Toned Circular Hollow Whale Earrings; Photo
  330. Vintage Medical Slide Charm Bracelet in Gold Tone; Photo
  331. Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Watch With Disney Characters and other Charms; Photo
  332. Beautiful Rhinestone Coiled Snake Pendant - Available in White/Clear or Black Rhinestones on Antiqued Silver; Photo
  333. Beautiful Rhinestone Snake Pendant; Photo
  334. Silver Tone and Rhinestone Snake Pendant; Photo
  335. Colorful Rainbow Mystic Gemstone Topaz Gem Pendant; Photo
  336. Huge Crowned Elephant Pendant With Rhinestones; Photo
  337. Stunning Alloy Antique Silver Tone Flying Pegasus Winged Horse Pendant; Photo
  338. Slithering Snake Pendant With Gradient Rhinestones; Photo
  339. Crowned Poodle Dog Pendant With Colorful Gem Body and Enamel; Photo
  340. Cute Green White and Yellow Striped Rhinestone Frog Pendant; Photo
  341. Tiny Silver Tone Snake Pendant; Photo
  342. Cute Patina Bronze Alloy Owl Perched on Branch Pendant Charms; Photo
  343. Perched Owl Pendant Charm in Bronze Tone Alloy; Photo
  344. Bronze Tone Wiggly Owl Pendant; Photo
  345. Large Perched Owl Pendant in Bronze Tone; Photo
  346. Steampunk Owl and Moon Pendant; Photo
  347. Adorable White Enamel and Rhinestone Owl Pendant; Photo
  348. Owl Pendant With Rhinestones and Opal Body; Photo
  349. Rhinestone and Silver Tone Resting Tiger Pendant; Photo
  350. Beautiful Owl Pendant With Rhinestone and Metallic Enamel, in Pastel Pink/White, Hot Pink, Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray; Photo
  351. Pretty Abalone and Textured Silver Tone Snake Pendant; Photo
  352. Glass Lampwork Snake Pendant in Gold and Green Snake Pendant; Photo
  353. Vintage Hollow Brass Duck Paperweight Figurine; Photo
  354. Beautiful Rhinestone And Silver Tone Tortoise Turtle Pendant; Photo
  355. Huge Turtle Pendant With Rhinestones on Gold Tone; Photo
  356. Articulated Rose Gold Tone Rhinestone Tortoise Turtle Pendant; Photo
  357. Beautiful Turtle Pendant With Aurora Borealis Rhinestones; Photo
  358. Bronze Tone Turtle Clock Pendant; Photo
  359. Adorable Tiny Silver Tone Snake and Rhinestone Pendant; Photo
  360. Beautiful Gold Tone and Rhinestone Cobra Snake Pendant, Perfect Gift for a Snake Lover; Photo
  361. Adorable Articulated Sitting Poodle Puppy Dog Pendant With Rhinestones on Textured Gold Tone; Photo
  362. Vintage Artsy Kitty Cat Face Clip On Earrings; Photo
  363. Cute Curved Bright Neon Colored and Rhinestone Princess Crown Charm; Photo
  364. Carved Black Hematite Crocodile Alligator Pendant; Photo
  365. White Rhinestone and Gold Tone Gecko Lizard Pendant; Photo
  366. Green Rhinstone and Silver Tone Gecko Lizard Pendant; Photo
  367. Beautiful Green and Blue Rhinestone Chameleon Lizard Brooch Pin With Moving Leaf; Photo
  368. Vintage Metallic Red Kitty Cat Clip On Earrings; Photo
  369. Silver Tone Gecko Lizard Pendant With Blue Stones; Photo
  370. Gold Tone Lizard Pendant With Enamel and White Rhinestones; Photo
  371. Silver Tone Iguana Lizard Pendant; Photo
  372. Country Girl Cowgirl Boot Pendant in Gold Tone; Photo
  373. Cute Glass Turtle Pendant in Green, With Flowers in the Shell; Photo
  374. Steampunk Styled Owl Locket Pendant with Blue Gem Eyes; Photo
  375. Rhinestone And Vintage Bronze Toned Alligator or Crocodile Pendant With Wiggly Tail; Photo
  376. Crowned Poodle Dog Pendant With Colorful Gems; Photo
  377. Stunning Slithering Rhinestone Snake Pendant; Photo
  378. Beautiful Silver Tone Rhinestone Thinking Monkey Pendant; Photo
  379. Gorgeous Monkey on a Branch Rhinestone Pendant; Photo
  380. Cute Rhinestone Monkey Face Pendant; Photo
  381. Cute Black, Gold and Rhinestone Articulated Dragon Pendant; Photo
  382. Beautiful Green Dragon Pendant; Photo
  383. Unisex Stainless Steel Dinosaur Skull Fossil Pendant; Photo
  384. Beautiful Vintage Rhinestone Lion Brooch Pin; Photo
  385. Cute Rhinestone Encrusted Crowned Lion Cub King or Prince Pendant, Articulated; Photo
  386. Silver Tone and Rhinestone Stretching or Running Tiger Pendant; Photo
  387. Gold Tone and Rhinestone Angry Big Cat Pendant; Photo
  388. Gorgeous Leopard Big Cat Rhinestone and Gold Tone Pendant; Photo
  389. Gold Tone and Rhinestone Leopard or Cheetah Pendant; Photo
  390. Tibetan Silver Leopard Charm; Photo
  391. Beautiful Vintage Kitty Cat Pair Rhinestone Brooch Pin; Photo
  392. Black Hematite Sitting Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  393. Beautiful Sitting Fancy Kitty Cat Pendant ith Rhinestones on Silver Tone; Photo
  394. Pair of Kitty Cats Pendant In Rose Gold, With Rhinestones and Cat Eye Stone; Photo
  395. Cute Sitting Black, Purple and Pink Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  396. Black Stainless Steel and Rhinestone Sitting Kitty Cat Pendant; Photo
  397. White and Black Cats Pendant With Rhinestones and a Heart; Photo
  398. Two Cats Sitting in a Rhinestone Heart on Silver Tone Pendant; Photo
  399. Beautiful Silver Tone Elephant Love Heart Shaped Pendant; Photo
  400. Rhinestone and Textured Silver Tone Walking Elephant Pendant; Photo
  401. Rhinestone and Gold Tone Kitty Cat Couple Pendant; Photo
  402. Rhinestone and Rose Gold Tone Kitty Cat With a Curly Tail; Photo
  403. Cute Colorful Rhinestone and Vintage Bronze Cone Kitty Cat on a False Pearl Pendant; Photo
  404. Silver Tone Pendant of a Kitty Cat Sitting and Watching a Mouse in a Ring; Photo
  405. Articulated Rhinestone, Gold Tone and Cat Eye Stone Turtle Pendant; Photo
  406. Cat Eye, Gold Tone and Rhinestone Two Owls Pendant; Photo
  407. Vintage Pearlescent, Rhinestone and Silver Tone Elephant and Baby Brooch Pin; Photo
  408. Silver Tone, Cat Eye, and Rhinestone Elephant Pendant; Photo
  409. Beautiful Rhinestone Mother and Baby Elephant Pendant in Gold and Silver Tone; Photo
  410. Silver Tone Textured Elephant Pendant; Photo
  411. Silver Tone Pendant Of an Elephant in Profile; Photo
  412. Silver Tone and Rhinestone Love Monkey Couple Forming a Heart Within a Heart Pendant; Photo
  413. Beautiful Silver Plated Fancy Starfish Pendant; Photo
  414. Silver Tone Textured Starfish Pendant With Rhinestones; Photo
  415. Large Pink Resin and Rhinestone Starfish Pendant; Photo
  416. Stunning Large Rhinestone Encrusted and Silver Tone Starfish Pendant; Photo
  417. Shiny Silver Tone Dolphin Pair Forming a Heart Pendant; Photo
  418. Beautiful 925 Silver Jumping Dolphin Pendant With Rhinestones; Photo
  419. Beautiful Silver Tone Dolphin and Rhinestone Pendant; Photo
  420. Rhinestone and Gold Tone Crowned Seahorse Pendant; Photo
  421. Awesome Red, Blue, Pink or Purple Koi Carp Fish Rhinestone Pendant With Articulated Moving Side Fins; Photo
  422. Large Pink Rhinestone and Gold Tone Fish Pendant with Articulated Moving Fins and Tail; Photo
  423. White Fish Pendant With Pink and White Rhinestones on Gold Tone; Photo
  424. Rhinestone Dragonfly Pendant; Photo
  425. Rhinesone and Pearlescent Enamel Butterfly Pendant; Faceted Stone and Rhinestone Tarantula Spider Pendant; Photo
  426. Black Rhinestone and Silver Tone Tarantula Spider Pendant; Photo
  427. Large Cicada in Vintage Gold Tone Metal Finish; Photo
  428. Really Unique Vintage Gold Tone Metal Mesh Formed Owl Pendant With Blue Cat Eye Stone Eyes; Photo
  429. Vintage Unique Textured Owl Head Sculpture Paperweight or Figurine; Photo
  430. Glass Lampwork Fish Earrings With Hooks; Photo
  431. Beautiful Rhinestone and False Cat Eye Stone Metal Fox Head and Tail Pendant; Photo
  432. Wiggly Owl Pendant in Vintage Bronze Tone Metal; Photo
  433. Vintage Alpaca or Llama Hook Earrings With a Star and Purple Beads; Photo
  434. Cute Vintage Gold Toned Textured Sea Turtle Pendant; Photo
  435. Sitting Monkey Pendant With Rhinestones on Silver Tone; Photo
  436. Articulated Red and White Wiggly Fox Pendant With Rhinestones; Photo
  437. Beautiful Fox Face and Tail Pendant With Synthetic Cat Eye Stone ahd Rhinestones on the Tail on Shiny Gold Tone; Photo
  438. Fluffy Poof Ball Fox Pendant With Rhinestones on Textured Metal and Wiggly Tail; Photo
  439. Large Synthetic Pastel Pink Cat Eye Stone and Rhinestone Fox Face Pendant; Photo
  440. Beautiful and Elegant Small Fox Face and Tail Pendant With Tiny Crystal Rhinestones; Photo
  441. Glow in the Dark And Silver Tone Wild Cat Lioness and Cub Pendant; Photo